Sewn: Blue Ogden Cami

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Ogden Cami

I've been eyeing the Ogden cami for a while now. People can't seem to stop making it and now I know why! There are minimal pieces, and the instructions are clearly written. Even though there are no darts, and it's not cut on the bias, the cami still drapes beautifully. Another thing I appreciate is that the straps hit exactly where your bra straps go, so if you're not super fond of a strapless bra you can still wear it.

Ogden Cami

But, but... I messed it up as usual (This blog should really be called 'T's Miadventures in Sewing').

It was late at night, but I really wanted to finish and ignored my instincts to put it away for another day. I sewed the bottom hem to the wrong side, so I cut it off and did it again. ONLY to have sewn it to the wrong side again. *insert endless screaming* I learned my lesson. Don't sew tired. The top is probably 1.5 inches shorter than it should have been, which thankfully still works for someone my height.

If I were to sew it again I might make the shoulder straps .5 inches longer, and the lining maybe 1 inch longer. Other than that it was perfect.

Check here for my complete Handmade Summer Wardrobe. I keep updating the list as I edit pieces and add new ones.

Last Minute DIY Dog and Cat Costumes

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
DIY Puppy and Cat Costume Parts

Happy Halloween!

My favorite sort of costume uses things you already have in your closet. The toddler is really into animals right now and happened to have inherited a furry brown jacket. All I needed was a headband and a little bit of fabric.

The cat tail is just a tube of fabric. I covered a in faux fur and stitched on some triangles for ears (by hand). You could probably do this all with a glue gun too. Quick and simple! I found a leopard print dress and leggings to finish it off.

Cat Costume

The puppy costume follows the same formula except the ears are longer and tear dropped shaped. I paired the ears with a fuzzy grey hoodie since it's pretty cold out right now. Add grey leggings and a a tunic dress and we're done!

Puppy Costume

So we have two costumes for Halloween in case the toddler suddenly has an "I really want to be a puppy!" meltdown at the last minute. She can always use the other costume for next year *fingers crossed* as long as she's still into animals. You never know.

Sewn: Black Jersey Culottes

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Culottes, I never thought I'd enjoy them, but these days I commute by bus almost an hour each way. As much as I love a good maxi skirt, all that fabric swooshing around makes it a bit hard to do things like climb escalators, and shorter skirts mean watching my legs when I sit on the bus. This was a remarkably good compromise. If I stand still it really looks very much like a skirt, but it's one that moves with me and I don't ever have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction.

These culottes are actually a reincarnation of my black maxi skirt. I didn't like the extra bulk around the hips, since mine are fairly wide to start. Thankfully there was a generous amount of fabric to play with, and I could reuse the elastic waistband.


I used this free pattern as a starting point: Knit Culottes, but I skipped the fold over waistband. Instead I dropped the crotch 3 inches, and used a 3" wide elastic instead. I also lengthened the pattern to fall at a midi length for my height. (Unrelated grumble, since I'm not that tall, all midi skirts in the stores fall at a strange length when ever I try them on, so unflattering! Also, not midi at all!)

P.S. I'm wearing the culottes with my strappy crop top.

Sewn: Ruffled Halter Top

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Ruffled Halter

I messed up on this sewing project big time. First of all, it wasn't supposed to be a top, but a summer dress. When I cut the fabric I didn't mark the bust darts, and wondered why the pattern pieces didn't match up, so I trimmed it, thinking I might have messed up taping the pdf printed pages together. The resulting top was way too short to be attached to an elastic waist, and there I was wondering what in the world went wrong, because it was also looser than it should have been.

You see, I was SO busy improvising how to add a full lining for the top, because my fabric was a bit sheer, that I completely forgot the darts. The lining now, oh that lining, is beautiful. It's perfect. It worked out exactly as planned. And I loved that open back! I'd never made one like it before, and the back also turned out beautifully. But WOE! How could I salvage all that hard work?

Ruffled Halter

The solution I came up with was to add a bit of length with a ruffle. I'm not really a ruffle kind of girl, but I think it works here, and I like this top more than I ever expected. So there's another one for my handmade summer wardrobe.

I wonder if I'll ever get any winter sewing done. One day, maybe, but I'm just too happy to wear sweaters and leggings all winter long.
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