Sewn: Adult Tee to Toddler Tunic

Thursday, June 22, 2017
Upcycled Top

This is super fast if you've already got a tunic pattern on hand. I used some leftover bits of a jersey dress for the sleeves and the neckband. The shirt had a pattern I liked, but had stretched out weirdly so it didn't fit right. I saved the bottom hem and simply cut out two pieces from the shirt. Reusing the bottom hem was also a time saver.

The neckline is a little wider on this top, and the fabric is a little stretchier, so I think the little bean will be able to wear this long into her toddlerhood.

I used the Color Blocked Tunic pattern again, only I skipped the color blocking altogether. I think the whole thing sewed up in 30 minutes, quick enough to finish while the kiddo napped. Reuse WIN. Naptime WIN.

Sewn: Color Blocked Tunic + Pants

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Toddler Tunic

This is a tale of a tunic sewn as many ways as I could mange. Not only is the Color Blocked Tunic from Nap Time Creations, an easy sew, it's also free!

I've made three versions so far, with varying degrees of blocking. It was really a great stash buster, and those odd bits of super soft tissue knit finally got some use. Now the little bean has a matching set. I sewed the tunics in a 3T so they're still a bit too big to wear, but they would also make some awesome comfy pajamas.

Toddler Tunic and Pants

And then the pants! I haven't had the little bean try them on, because they're also a 3T, but they do look comfortable. This is the free pattern (up to 4T) that I used: Baby and Toddler Harem Pants via A Joyful Riot.

I've got one more version of the color blocked tunic to show you next time, with another upcycling project!

Sewn: The Ollie Bomber

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Toddler Outfit

This is the Ollie Bomber by Sew A Little Seam. I hadn't bought a pattern from them before, so I tried out the free 2T pattern version. I appreciate how few pieces there were to the pattern, which usually means a simple sew! And it was! Mostly. The parts that weren't simple were really my fault. I can never stick to the sewing instructions.

Toddler Bomber Jacket Back

The pattern is meant for a knit, not a woven, so I added an half inch to the center back piece and a half inch to each front panel. It turns out the jacket is super roomy for my kid, and I probably didn't need to, but I think it means she might be able to wear it longer.

I didn't want to do a lining, but for extra warmth I quilted fleece onto the back of my fabric pieces. I also hand bound the neck seam and hip seam on the inside of the jacket so that it's both neat and soft for the little bean. The outer fabric was shredding even though I serged the edges, so it helps.

Bomber Jacket Details

(FYI the outer fabric is from old table cloths)

Lastly, I didn't have the right length of zipper, so I chopped it and had to zigzag the ends so that the zipper wouldn't pull off. It's probably not the most sturdy, but it works for now.

I actually want one for myself now! All the colors have me happy, and according to the little bean, the more colors the better!

For the jeans in the first photo, check out this post with links to tutorials here.

Handmade Outfit

Sewn: Toddler Skinny Jeans

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Toddler Jeggings

Sometimes the little bean wants to try on Mommy's clothes. This time, when she tried jumping into my jeans, I got to tell her now she had her very own. She spent the rest of the day wearing these leggings so that she looked like Mommy. She refused to take them off, and it was soooo adorable! (I'm biased, I know)

Toddler Upcycled Jean Leggings

So on to the construction details!

I followed this tutorial: Little Girl Skinny Jeans Using a Leggings Pattern, but I didn't have a pattern on hand. I made my own pattern and here's a simple tutorial on how to do that: Super Simple Leggings.

The material is re-purposed from an old pair of Levis jean leggings, so it has a bit of stretch to it. The faux pockets were made by cutting out the original pockets then trimming them down so they were small enough to fit my toddler jeans. Since they're faux pockets, you can just tuck the raw edges underneath. I didn't bother with the faux front pockets, because I skipped making a waistband for the jeans. Instead I attached the elastic using the method in the Super Simple Leggings tutorial. I also widened the legs on the leggings just a little bit, because though the material is slightly stretchy, it's still thick and I was worried they wouldn't be comfortable to move in.

Now next time we'll talk about the toddler bomber jacket. Now that was such a satisfying sew.

Handmade Outfit

Notes: If you follow the Super Simple Leggings tutorial, make sure to slope the top of the rear half of the jeans by about 1 inch (so that where the rear seam meets, it's an inch higher than the front seam). That will ensure pampers don't show. I didn't do this, and while it's not a wearability problem, it does bug me a little.

Why Sew for Toddlers?

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Sewing machine for kids (fabric)

I don't know about you, but I'm so time starved that I always do quick cost/benefit/time analysis before I start a new project. I'd ruled out sewing for kids, because when my daughter was a baby she was growing so fast it didn't seem worth the effort. But now that she's a toddler and the growth curve has evened off, I've officially changed my mind and I think I'm addicted. Sewing for kids is FUN.

Reasons to sew toddler clothes:

1) It doesn't require a lot of fabric. I've used up so many odd sized fabric scraps that I've hung on to for years that my fabric cubbies are finally half empty. It always feels great to use up the odds and ends instead of throwing them out.

2) It's good practice. So if the neckband's a little off on this shirt, who cares? It's going to be covered in ice cream dribbles anyway... and you can test things out with very minimal fabric consumption.

3) It's a good opportunity to up-cycle. I made a trashed pair of maternity jeans into leggings for my kid, and she loves them because she thinks they make her look like mommy. Old T-shirts and tops can be turned into comfy pj's and play clothes.

4) Kid's sewing patterns can be used for years. Many of them go from toddler to 12 year old sizing. Talk about getting your money's worth! I'd recommend finding a basic shirt/tunic, plus a leggings/pants pattern. It's easy to turn a tee/tunic into a dress with a bit of length, or a sweatshirt if you make a larger size. You can widen leggings to make pants, or shorten them to make shorts. 

Maybe one day when she's a little bigger my daughter will ask me to sew for her (and I'd love that!). In the meantime, I'm having fun creating for her and dressing her before she has an opinion on style other than brighter is better. Sewing pictures soon!

Tutorial: Sewing Faux Leather Bag Straps

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Faux leather purse

I'm still totally in love with my grown up tote, and today we shall cover how to make bag straps from faux leather. Unlike real leather, the raw edges of the faux leather can sometimes give away that it's fake, because it's a different color or the backing material might be visible. One quick remedy for this is coloring the edges, but that's not always possible or desirable. Another option is to make sure no raw edges are visible. That's what we're going to do here. This is a tutorial to make faux leather straps with neat edges.

First let's start with a rectangular piece as long as you require, and twice as wide + 1" as your desired fished width. The width of the leather here is 3.5".

1) Fold the edge of the leather .5" towards the middle of the strap, then sew it down. I used the edge of the presser foot as a guide. This helps because you can't put pins in the leather. Going as slowly as possible plus a teflon foot will help prevent twisting and pulling in the finished strap.

Sewing bag straps from faux leather

2) Repeat with the other edge.

Sewing bag straps from faux leather

3) Fold it in half, match edges, then sew close to the original stitch line. One more step to go.

Sewing bag straps from faux leather

4) Flip the strap over and stitch one more line down the folded edge. This will help prevent the strap from twisting and add some visual symmetry

Sewing bag straps from faux leather

And you're done! Voila! A strap. Now it's up to you to figure out how to attach it to your bag or purse.

Sewing bag straps from faux leather

Happy sewing!

If you missed it, here's the tote in all its glory: The Grown Up Tote

Sewn: The Grown Up Tote

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Faux leather purse

Perhaps all the bags I sew for myself are meant for adults, but this is the first one that actually makes me feel 'grown up'. Sophisticated. What have you. I usually save faux leather for accent bits, but not this time. I splurged on an all faux leather exterior, and used canvas on the inside.

Faux leather purse interior

I am a slightly paranoid person. I prefer zippers on top so that nothing falls out of my purse and no grabby hands can get inside, so it feels kind of risque to have a magnetic clasp instead. Maybe you just think I'm absurd, but it's true. Even if it's a strong magnet, it feels so... open. There aren't any zippers on the interior pockets to make up for security. There's one large pocket, and one divided pocket. As a compromise, if you look carefully towards the right hand side of the bag, you can see a hook that I can attach a zippered envelope purse (I made previously) to.

Tassel for purse

And there's a tassel, because at some point in time tassels were cool. It makes it look less plain for sure. Maybe I'll make some colorful pom poms to attach if I'm in a different mood. It's kind of nice having a neutral bag to play around with.

Lastly, here's a sneak peak behind the scenes. The little bean didn't wan to be left out!

Photographer's apprentice

Next time on the blog: A faux leather strap tutorial.

Low Stakes Crafting

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Some days a girl just wants to have some quick low commitment fun with a glue gun, right?

So exhaustion hit, and well, I just needed to get out of a rut. I pulled apart an old Christmas wreath, dismantled some pretty silk flowers in a vase, and ta-da! A little doorway refresher.

Doorway improvement

And then there's the inevitable problem of having a small child and not a lot of storage. There are always toys underfoot. You have to be careful when you're out there going for a late night snack or glass of water, because next thing you know it's *squeak* "G*d Damn!" *more cursing*.

Now another thing you also accumulate a lot of with a small child, not yet potty trainable, with no cloth diaper service, and a busy life is pampers boxes. I had them in the living room as storage, because they're actually super sturdy. But it just looked like baby mess everywhere (which it really is), nonetheless...

Toys everywhere

In an attempt to maintain some sense of 'hey this used to be a style blog' or some sort of blog more sophisticated thing than my life right now... I covered a few pampers boxes in canvas to make myself feel better. It probably doesn't make you feel any better, but I do. Here, have a look at some tidiness that will probably only last about 5 minutes.

Cleaning up

Ahh... back to real life.

Handmade Summer Wardrobe

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Wardrobe may be hyperbole at this point, but I have started replacing some items in my closet with handmade ones. Confession: I haven't really made use of most of the things I've sewn in the past, but this year I've been better at choosing sewing projects that fill real gaps in my wardrobe. The end result is a bunch of pieces I love and would wear any day.

Black Maxi Skirt
Wide Leg Shorts

Satin Camisole
Strappy Swing Top / Pillowcase Top
Swing Top
Crop Top

Lemonade Dress
Saltspring Maxi Dress

Sleepwear / House Wear:
Sleep Shorts
Soft Shorts

I haven't tried sewing any athletic wear, and sewing a killer t-shirt is something on my to do list, so there are definitely gaps in my attempts. We'll see how it goes in 2017! Maybe I'll have more time for sewing, and working through my fabric stash.

Sewn: Strappy Crop Top

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Crop Top

So, trying something new, and yes I was wearing sunglasses indoors, but it was a stinking hot summer day when I snapped this, and all my eye makeup had smudged off my eyes. Raccoon eyes, so super sexy, I couldn't post them here. (sarcasm)

I had some leftover grey jersey that wasn't long enough for a tank top, but the odd bits and pieces ended up making this. It's a variation on the Wrapped Crop Top DIY by the Felted Fox. The original DIY uses a woven, not a jersey, and the pattern fits a size 2-4, which I am not. I ended up drafting my own pattern in a knit, but it's very similar. Here's the back. I like how it only shows a peek of skin.

Crop Top

If I made another of these, I'd make the tie straps a little wider, but I didn't have enough fabric to this time.

I know it's not summer anymore, but most of my summer wardrobe is self-sewn now, which is a cool feeling.
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