Tutorial: Sew lace shorts

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Lace shorts

Here are a pair of lavender fabric and lace shorts I sewed using the free Pleasant Pathways Shorts pattern. So now I have two pairs of shorts to wear this summer (Here's the first pair). I can't decide which are my favorite.

Lace shorts

The shorts have an invisible zip in the side (Not so invisible here, I have to add a little top stitching to fix the gap. It was my first time installing an invisible zip!).

You can add lace to any shorts pattern. Here's how:

Lace shorts

1) Take an existing shorts pattern (here's the Pleasant Pathways Shorts Link, or here's how to draft your own). Cut out the fabric that you will use as your base, and lay pieces of lace on top in the pattern that you want. I alternated wide strips of lace with thinner ones for some variety.

2) Pin the lace into place.

Lace shorts

3) Use a narrow zigzag stitch to sew down each row of lace. I sewed down both the bottom and the top of the lace, but you can choose to sew just the top of each row if you don't need it to sit flat.

Lace shorts

4) Trim the excess lace around the edges of your pattern, and construct the shorts following the your pattern instructions - And you're done!

Sewer's notes: I shortened the length of the Pleasant Pathways shorts, and took it in at the sides because I don't like my shorts too wide. I also skipped the facing on the leg openings, and simply folded the fabric under to hem them. Lace hides a multitude of sins, and you can barely see the stitch marks.

Some of the best laid plans go awry, but sometimes they can be salvaged. I originally wanted to make purple shorts with a metallic pattern on them, but the gold paint I had on hand wouldn't stick to the fabric - so I used blue. I tried it out, but decided the shorts looked too much like pajamas. Check it here:

Lace shorts

I flipped the fabric over and needed something to hide some of the paint that seeped through. Lace did the trick. Wait no, I take that back, I TOTALLY intended to make lace shorts from the start... You saw nothing.... move along now...
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