Sewn: Satin Camisole

October 11, 2016

Satin Cami

I hacked my Saltspring Dress pattern to make camisole this past summer and it turned out surprisingly well!

I used the lining piece, lengthened it, and added bust darts. I cut the shoulder straps to 14" so that no ties were required, but I think I might make them a little longer if I were to make another one of these, and also raise the bust darts a bit.

Satin Cami

Instead of a lining, I did a facing around the neckline. It looks a little strange because I used a cheap iron on interfacing that promptly detached, so I did a zigzag stitch to make sure it stayed in place.

Camisole Facing

New camisole! Now I'm one step closer to a handmade wardrobe. I still draw the lines at jeans and sweaters, but the rest is fair game.

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