Handmade Summer Wardrobe

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Wardrobe may be hyperbole at this point, but I have started replacing some items in my closet with handmade ones. Confession: I haven't really made use of most of the things I've sewn in the past, but this year I've been better at choosing sewing projects that fill real gaps in my wardrobe. The end result is a bunch of pieces I love and would wear any day.

Black Maxi Skirt
Wide Leg Shorts

Satin Camisole
Strappy Swing Top / Pillowcase Top
Swing Top
Crop Top

Lemonade Dress
Saltspring Maxi Dress

Sleepwear / House Wear:
Sleep Shorts
Soft Shorts

I haven't tried sewing any athletic wear, and sewing a killer t-shirt is something on my to do list, so there are definitely gaps in my attempts. We'll see how it goes in 2017! Maybe I'll have more time for sewing, and working through my fabric stash.

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