Why Sew for Toddlers?

Sewing machine for kids (fabric)

I don't know about you, but I'm so time starved that I always do quick cost/benefit/time analysis before I start a new project. I'd ruled out sewing for kids, because when my daughter was a baby she was growing so fast it didn't seem worth the effort. But now that she's a toddler and the growth curve has evened off, I've officially changed my mind and I think I'm addicted. Sewing for kids is FUN.

Reasons to sew toddler clothes:

1) It doesn't require a lot of fabric. I've used up so many odd sized fabric scraps that I've hung on to for years that my fabric cubbies are finally half empty. It always feels great to use up the odds and ends instead of throwing them out.

2) It's good practice. So if the neckband's a little off on this shirt, who cares? It's going to be covered in ice cream dribbles anyway... and you can test things out with very minimal fabric consumption.

3) It's a good opportunity to up-cycle. I made a trashed pair of maternity jeans into leggings for my kid, and she loves them because she thinks they make her look like mommy. Old T-shirts and tops can be turned into comfy pj's and play clothes.

4) Kid's sewing patterns can be used for years. Many of them go from toddler to 12 year old sizing. Talk about getting your money's worth! I'd recommend finding a basic shirt/tunic, plus a leggings/pants pattern. It's easy to turn a tee/tunic into a dress with a bit of length, or a sweatshirt if you make a larger size. You can widen leggings to make pants, or shorten them to make shorts. 

Maybe one day when she's a little bigger my daughter will ask me to sew for her (and I'd love that!). In the meantime, I'm having fun creating for her and dressing her before she has an opinion on style other than brighter is better. Sewing pictures soon!