June 2017 Garden Update

Thursday, July 6, 2017
I hearby interrupt our regular programming to force you to gaze upon our garden. LOOK.

Garden June 2017

This is the second year after our garden rebuild, and some things are sprouting, growing, seeding. It's still a learning process for us newbie growers. It's been an unusually long winter and a wet spring in the Pacific Northwest, so nothing is as far along as it should be. The planting was delayed more than two months, so I'm not sure our tomatoes, zucchinis, and beans will grow fast enough to harvest. The growing season here (even in a good year) is super short, so it's a little dicey.

Garden June 2017

But for now, we have lettuce for months! There's more out of the frame. This much lettuce was an accident. It just spread like dandelions, because I didn't capture all the seeds last summer. I don't mind though! I love my greens. We've also got arugula and kale, plus some Swiss chard that we planted last year and sprouted again.

Garden June 2017

The currants are doing far better than when we moved in. I guess a little manure and some love can do some good. The bay leaf (first picture) finally grew a new set of leaves this year. I thought it might have died, because it was in terrible shape when we first planted it, so this makes me happy too.

But the harsh winter killed off a lot of our herbs and we had to prune back the rosemary after a few branches broke off. Most rosemary in our neighborhood died off as well. The basil I seeded a bit early, didn't even bother sprouting.

And pictured here below is the triangle of death. It's a big plot of soil that kills everything we plant except for invasive fennel that was there when we moved in. It's a fairly shady area, so not ideal for much, but this is my attempt to get something to grow. We have two kinds of hostas, a bit of mint, some shade tolerant clematis, and another shade loving flowering bush. If we can't grow food here, I'd rather have it full of greenery and flowers. Let's see how much survives! Fingers crossed.

Garden June 2017
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